June 2012

mini turntable

May 2012

mini turntable

April 2012

mini guitar

March 2012

mini guitar

February 2012

midi turntable

May 2011

Unruly Objects Exhibition @ Lanchester Gallery Projects, Coventry

Time Machine

Unfinished Turntable

CD Drum Machine

May 2010

Book A - selected for Exhibition - Worcester Open 2010

Worcester Museum and Art Gallery

May 2010

Foundation Stone - packs - 21cm x 29.7cm - Ream of photocopies wrapped in plastic wrap

March 2010 - May 2010

Foundation Stone - West Midlands Open 2010

Selected for exhibition at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.


November 2009 - January 2010

Foundation Stone - By A. Spackman

at Coventry Kunstverein
Graham Sutherland Building
Cox Street
Coventry UniversityFrom Thursday 26th Nov – Thurs 14th January
Opening reception, Thursday 26th Nov 6 – 8pm

Foundation Stone operates in the ‘flux space’ between certainties. The Kunstverein is a highly provisional space, and Foundation Stone suggests a beginning moment, although it is not clear where this moment lies. This version of the Kunstverein is built on the back of abandoned projects, where any attempt to take these projects forward would result in an artwork of ‘heaviness’. The abandonment of projects is a common theme in Andrew Spackman’s work, where ‘provisionality’ is integral to the process and output. All of these projects are real, in that the ‘intent’ is, and could be, to carry them through to conclusion.

October 2009

Artist A. Spackman shortlisted to the final 5 of the Artists taking the lead/ Cultural Olympiad Arts Council scheme .


The Grass Covered Hill - A new Landmark for people, artists and the region

The project proposes the building of a large grass covered hill in the centre of Birmingham and programme it with an eclectic set of artist led events/happenings/artworks/mini festivals/ educational projects running to the end of the Olympics in June 2012.

The hill is a new landmark for the region, dramatically changing the topography of the city terrain. Being on it gives a sense of ascent above your normal daily life and an experience of the city from a different perspective. The hill is a direct response to the growing need to bring green spaces into our cities, and prioritize ‘people spaces’ over ‘commercial spaces’.

The hill is a ‘space’ for visitors to have experiences – play, interact, explore, learn, laugh, share, discuss, socialise etc. A place for real experiences and contact with each other and the natural world rather than the virtual. For 6 months running up to the end of the Olympics in June 2012 it is ‘animated’ by a programme of works by regionally, nationally and internationally respected artists, art organisations, creatives and educationalists. The theme of this programme is ‘Play’ and is intended to seed and generate a future legacy for the arts and people in the region.

The hill also offers a unique chance for artists to bring their ideas and work out into the open. Through a residency programme, it also offers a platform and development opportunity for emerging and young artists.

October 2009

Book 'A' published - 160 page Artist book -

View PDF download here

Example pages shown above.