Polar-Foam - Live Art

PolarFoam present a collapsing ice-shelf of fractured monochromatic drawings, projected onto an ever-changing surface of sliced and re-ordered sculptures, fused and separated by an audio assault of plundered podcasts and Postelectrojazzphonica.
Through volume, scale and noise, PolarFoam saturate their audience with audio/visual/structural possibilities, creating multi-layered chaos through to precise composition and aesthetic balance.

Their performances champion the spontaneous, the transitory and the impermanent, offering a sensory emersion that could result in harmonious resolution or in aesthetic and sonic obliteration.

PolarFoam are:
Andy Spackman – Composed sequences, live sampling and turntable
Chloe Williams – Multiple OHP, accetates and live drawing
Steve Snell– Live sculpting and object manipulation



Polar Foam - @ The Lighthouse - Chubb Building - January 2007

Polar Foam - @ Blackout Tent - Ashton Court Festival- July 2006

Picture by Adam Faraday

Picture by Adam Faraday

Polar Foam - @ Open Hands Studio - Reading - 2006